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Men in their forties

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Check it out, and leave us a suggestion for other haircuts that we may have missed.

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First of all, we have this modest cut. This is the haircut for someone who knows his priorities and sticks to them. We realize that you may not yet have a head full of white hair, but on the other hand, some of you may. If so, use it to your advantage.

On the other hand, here are some more ideas if you want to just go with the flow. If so, this could be a great look. The hair is buzzed in such a way as to make a square with your hairline. If you can appreciate that look, you might like to try it.

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This cut is the same idea as the previous one, except that the buzz is even closer to the head and the hairline is more pronounced. Despite their reputation, combovers can look very sophisticated.

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If you want to convey that you take your time seriously but still care about being well-groomed, this is an excellent way to do it.

Of course, there are ways to play with combovers. This one has great volume, and the combover itself rises like a tide with several waves to settle smoothly on the head. In this example, the hair is brownish along the top but features gray around the sides.

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Two very Men in their forties colors, one very stylish look. In keeping with your age and changing life, however, you may simply want to ensure that you maintain a sensible image by keeping the curls close to you. It shows that the man is aware of himself and pays attention to detail. You might find the look suits you as well if you can relate.

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For those of you who still have a lot of hair and have a strong desire to let your curls loose, look into trying this cut. The way that this hair is parted mostly down the middle makes it so that the natural waves rise and fall elegantly across the head. The difference is that this cut has medium-length hair, so if you like the basic idea behind this look, all you have to do is decide whether you prefer your hair long or not-so-long. This one is similar to a couple other ideas already mentioned in this list, with the part in the middle putting some flounce into the waves, but the hair a little longer and more layered.

On the other hand, some Men in their forties hairstyles may still look magnificent on you. Take these short spikes, for instance. They always manage to look well-organized and compellingly interesting. In this hairstyle, you can see the hairline is just beginning to recede, but the spikes flipping upward in the front help make it look great anyway.

This haircut is mostly simple and sensible, but the rise in front jazzes it up a bit. No matter how old you are, it can add some interest to your look without doing something crazy. If you want to balance fun with responsibility, this could work well Men in their forties you.

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