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Bentley mulsanne turbo

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While the Mulsanne Turbo lives in Bentley mulsanne turbo shadow of its more popular and well known Turbo R sibling, the fact remains that it was the first turbocharged Bentley — and the first to evoke the spirit of the old-fashioned Bentley Boys.

With power knocking on the door of bhp and an interior that would put Blenheim Palace to shame, the Mulsanne Turbo makes a very appealing classic option.

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This is what you should look for, if you want to buy the best. Bentley has used the Rolls-Royce pushrod V8 for decades, and the understressed engine has barely changed during that time. General Motors tappets are no longer acceptable as a cheaper alternative to Bentley mulsanne turbo originals, although while they were still manufactured in Detroit the quality was sufficient. Blocks have also been known to corrode, while cylinder liners can pit, and a nasty-sounding engine is Bentley mulsanne turbo to be in need of an imminent rebuild.

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