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Living with in laws bad for marriage

Sexy por pics Living with in laws bad for marriage.

D ealing with in-laws can prove tricky for both, men and women. But, with a mix of tact, straightforwardness and 'healthy selfishness', it is definitely possible to deal with them successfully," says Anjali Singh, a year old manager with a finance company in Delhi, who has been married for three years.

This causes the most problems in marriages.

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The wife is not seen as the 'first' woman in the man's life. Handling an overbearing, controlling and manipulative mom-in-law can be difficult.


So, what do you do if your mom-in-law is possessive or bossy? One way of dealing with this is to let your dear husband know she upsets you and let him deal with it.

It's not just what she does or says but, more importantly, how your husband reacts to it.

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This is so because families can easily forgive their own family members, not an 'outsider' as you may still be perceived. It's possible you may not be your in-laws' 'dream bahu '.

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