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Osrs how to make money

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Whether you're new to OSRS or you're a long-time Runescape player returning from a hiatus, you may feel overwhelmed logging into the game. This article is going to cover the best ways to make money in Old School Runescape.

This is a comprehensive OSRS money making guide that will include ways to make money for low-levels, high-levels, and for accounts somewhere in between. Leveling up your skills is one of the most time-consuming tasks in Runescape.

That being said, skilling is one of the most profitable OSRS money making methods because of the doors it opens up for you. The most profitable skills tend to be the skills that are more difficult to achieve high levels in, so it's important to use your skilling time wisely.

This is a list of...

With skills like Farming, Slayer, Hunter, Thieving, and Runecrafting, you'll be able to earn easy millions at high levels. Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining are all also solid choices that will earn you a steady income, but they're highly competitive and popular. If you're playing on a member's world, you'll usually find it a lot easier to skill because you won't be interrupted by as many players.

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On non-member's worlds, trees and mines are often crowded with players. You can definitely choose to skill on a non-member's world, but you may want to take into consideration how many people are logged into the world before starting your training session. Leveling up your skills and selling fish, ore, logs, runes, herbs, and anything else your gather on the Grand Exchange is one of the most common ways to earn money in Old School Runescape.

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As you level up, you'll be able to fish, mine, craft, and chop better items and sell them for more money. Chickens are perfect if you are low-level and want to train combat while making some money. It's impossible to be killed by a chicken in OSRS, so don't worry about bringing food or equipping yourself with anything specific.

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Chickens drop feathers, Osrs how to make money, and raw chicken. All of these items are worth enough to justify running to the bank if you're in need of money. Feathers are used for fly-fishing and players are always willing to pay for bones to level up their Prayer. Feathers stack in one inventory slot, but bones and raw chickens will take up one slot per item, so you'll end up running to the bank often.

The best place to kill chickens is across the bridge from Lumbridge Castle and up the path to the north.

The Osrs how to make money coop will be on the left, across from a potato field. The Stronghold of Security was implemented to help players learn about how to keep their account information safe. You'll encounter four levels of this dungeon and each one will have a small reward at the end for completing it: The monsters you'll find on each level will sequentially grow higher in combat level and most of them are aggressive.

You can run through the Stronghold of Security at level three, but it's possible to be killed in one or two hits by the high-level Ankous at the end of the stronghold.

This means if you camp...

It's recommended to get your hitpoints level to around 15 before attempting to complete the Stronghold of Security, but you don't have to. If your combat level is under 50, grab most of an inventory of food before attempting this.

You'll need a couple of spaces free for your rewards.

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Enter the Stronghold of Security through a hole in the ground in the center of Barbarian Village. If you don't have an easy way to gather food before entering, try asking other players fishing by the nearby river for any cooked fish they have.

Low Level Money Making Methods

Many of these players are leveling up their Fishing and Cooking levels and don't want to run to the bank or drop their fish individually, so you're actually doing them a favor by taking the fish off their hands. You'll net a profit and train your Crafting level at the same time.

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You'll probably want to be able to buy a few hundred Gold Bars to start making money using this method, so you'll need around k to begin. You can make over k an hour by tanning green and blue dragonhides and selling them on the Osrs how to make money Exchange.

Then, head over to Al Kharid and get them tanned. You'll be running from the bank to the tanner until all of your hides are tanned.

Sell the Dragon Leather on the Grand Exchange for a profit. You should have several million OSRS gold before using this method because buying enough Dragonhides to spend a few hours tanning will cost a lot.

Before buying your materials, check the Grand Exchange to make sure this method will be profitable for you. You can typically expect about k an hour from enchanting sapphire rings.

Buy sapphire rings and cosmic runes in bulk and buy a Staff of Water. Cast the spell "Lvl-1 Enchant" on each ring and bank the Rings of Recoil you receive. Sell them all once you're Osrs how to make money enchanting for a profit.

This is also a great way to raise your Magic level if you need to train it. You can make over k mining Iron Ore if you're efficient. To get the most ore per hour, members should use the Monastery Mine and non-members should try the East and West Varrock mines.

Use the best pickaxe that your level will allow - when you upgrade your pickaxe, you'll mine ore quicker. When your inventory is full, the southern Ardougne bank is a short run away. Fighting Green Dragons can make you up to around k an hour and is a good way for members and non-members to train their combat skills. Dragon Bones will net you a few thousand per bone. Green Dragonhides are always in high demand for Crafting.

The dragons will also occasionally drop valuable runes and Rune items that you can sell. The most convenient location to fight Green Dragons is in level Wilderness, Northwest of Edgeville. Don't forget to take teleport runes or a teleport tab with you when you Osrs how to make money - PKers routinely stalk this area, so you'll want to have access to a quick escape if necessary.

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You'll need an Anti-dragon shield, which you can usually buy cheap from the Grand Exchange. Green Dragons are combat level They are weak to stab and Ranged, so it's recommended to use a Ranged weapon or a melee weapon with a high stab bonus, like a scimitar, an Abyssal Whip, or an Abyssal Dagger. If your Defence level is 70 or below, wear plate armor. If it is above 70, you can wear Dragonhide.

The higher your Thieving level, the more successful you'll be at this method. You'll need 38 Thieving and some food.

About RuneScape

Head to Draynor Village for the easiest access to a bank. The Master Farmer in Draynor is a quest NPC who you can talk to, so you'll need to right-click on him to pickpocket him.

This can get annoying, so you might prefer to use the Master Farmer North of Ardougne instead. He is a little farther away from the bank, but you can simply click on him to pickpocket him. You can generally Osrs how to make money k per hour pickpocketing Master Farmers, depending on how high your Thieving level is and what seeds you pickpocket.

A lot of the seeds will be relatively worthless and you should drop them to save trips to the bank, but many of them sell for a lot on the Grand Exchange. Keep an eye out for these seeds in particular. Southeast of the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness, there is a lava-surrounded island with two Nature Rune spawn points.

By using the level spell "Telekenetic Grab", you can gather the runes. Take a teleport tab with you as well as food and Prayer Potions in case you get attacked. Filling up your inventory will take minutes depending on your Osrs how to make money. You'll get more herbs than any other kind of drop - keep all of the herbs above Ranarr to sell on the Grand Exchange.

Note that the Chaos Druids in the Edgeville Dungeon are in the Wilderness, so bring teleport runes if you plan to use that location. You can easily make up to k per hour killing Chaos Druids. Using the Blast Furnace minigameyou can smelt bars that require coal with half as much coal as usual. Steel bars typically require two coal, so at the Blast Furnace, they only require one. First, hop over to a Blast Furnace world,or If you have Ice Gloves, wear those.

If you're wearing Ice Gloves, grab your Steel Bars from the bar dispenser.

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If not, use a bucket of water on it before collecting the bars. Repeat the process the coffer is empty or until you run out of ore. You can earn between k an hour as well as around 70k smithing exp using this method, which is a lot more than smelting Steel Bars Osrs how to make money a regular furnace. You can raise your Magic level for free and even earn money with the High Alchemy spell.

Prices in Old School Runescape vary hourly, so you'll need to look up the cost of any item you're considering before buying it.

Then factor in the current cost of one Nature Rune and five Fire Runes per item. Osrs how to make money remainder will be pure profit. As an added bonus, High Alchemy is one of the most efficient ways to raise your Magic level. Hunting Black Chinchompas in the Wilderness can net you around k Hunter experience and k coins an hour. You'll find Black Chinchompas in level 32 Wilderness and you will need 73 Hunter to catch them.

Try killing one when you arrive to see where it will respawn, then set your traps near the spawn point. Keep an eye out for PKers.

You can expect to run into a few PKers each time you go Chinchompa hunting, so bring Prayer Potions, food, and a teleport tab.

There's lots of ways to...

Depending on the rune you are crafting, you can expect to make upwards of k an hour crafting runes in the Abyss. Start in the Edgeville bank and run North, to the Mage of Zamorak. Have him teleport you to the Abyss.

Use your pickaxe to mine through to the inner part of the Abyss and find the portal that matches the rune you want to craft. When you're finished crafting, go back to Edgeville to bank. You can probably make about 50 runs an hour by utilizing Amulets of Glory to teleport Osrs how to make money to Edgeville after crafting your runes. There's lots of ways to make money in Old School Runescape.

Here's a guide to the best OSRS money making methods. Should just train up your combat and invest some money into god wars gear/ supplies after you do some skilling for smaller amounts of money.

This means if you camp kurasks and make like K an hour on DMM you're actually making 1M+ On osrs. Not to mention with 6 hour immunity.

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