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Traits of a sociopath boyfriend

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You may often hear about psychopaths, but how about sociopaths? Both psychopath and sociopath are personality disorders that we occasionally find around us. Although a sociopath still has a conscience of right and wrong, they behave the way they want to without considering what anyone will feel about it. People who suffers antisocial disorder may not always show the violent behavior.

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Practically, they are most likely manipulative and reckless in their way to get what they want. Do you ever imagine if there is a sociopath around you? Like when you try to warn your boyfriend to stop spending money on useless things or to stop smoking or drinking, he blames you instead.

He thinks that you insult him by telling him to stop doing what he wants.

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In social life, people try their best to fit in the group and get accepted for good. They shake hands to greet the others, wear appropriate clothes, waiting in the back of the line, etc.

If your boyfriend seems to neglect those kind of things that show some respects, there must be something wrong with him.

As a girlfriend, you will do anything for him. Whenever possible, you try your best to pleas him and make him comfortable.

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Somehow, your effort to treat him right is still not enough in his eyes. He throws his anger into violence by hitting anything or anyone around him. You may realize it sooner or later, but truth will come out anyway.

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