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Convair b 58a hustler

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The Convair B was the first supersonic bomber built in the West. The Boeing B and its bigger brother, the B Stratofortress, developed in the early years after World War II, represented the application of jet power to conventional bombing concepts of the day.

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Still traveling at subsonic speeds, the two big Boeings were intended to penetrate enemy air space at great altitudes, and were originally designed to carry conventional bombs.

The supersonic B Hustler, on the other hand, derived from a new concept developed in the late s and early s--one which took into account Convair b 58a hustler greatly increased capability of ground defenses, including radar tracking and ground-to-air missiles. The supersonic B Hustler derived from a new concept developed in the late s and early s. It took into account the greatly increased capability of ground defenses, including radar tracking and ground-to-air missiles.

Approximately 10, configurations on paper were studied and compared, with respect to speed, range, and gross weight, and involving different combinations of wing area, aspect ratio, sweep-back, turboprop and pure jet propulsion.

Ultimately this study led to an Air Force requirement for a medium bomber with a gross weight oflb. Boeing received a Phase I contract in under this requirement for their XB with four jet engines and four turboprops, but the program was cancelled early in with the realization that this subsonic design would not have penetration capability against modern Convair b 58a hustler defenses.

Initially, they were called on to attempt to settle the turboprop vs.

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Convair had already proposed in January,a small delta wing composite carrying 2 men, which would be transported into the target zone by a B With one engine in the tail, two droppable jet engines Convair b 58a hustler the wings, and one in the tail of the long, finned bomb pod all without afterburners the parasite would have a launch weight ofpounds, would cruise to the target at Mach 1.

After the attack the "return component" would fly back to the B with its single engine at Mach 0.

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Originally the pod was intended to carry conventional explosives, but early in the GEBO II program a thermonuclear warhead was incorporated. The long, finned and streamlined bomb with a jet engine in its tail could function as a free-fall bomb; with Convair b 58a hustler wings as a powered glide bomb or an air launched missile, and as late as it was expected that the pod, with propellant system and fins, would have a range of nautical miles.

The progress of the two supersonic designs encouraged Headquarters USAF Directorate of Requirements to publish on December 8,a General Operational Requirement GOR for a strategic bombardment system SAB with a minimal operational radius using the single refueling concept of nautical miles, a nautical mile radius at 50, feet, low altitude capability at high subsonic speed, and maximal supersonic dash capability.

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A strategic reconnaissance system SAR of February 1,sketched a similar aircraft for reconnaissance purposes. Both Boeing and Convair competed for a contract under the two GORs, the Convair contender, designated the MX, resembling the MX, but having four jet engines with afterburners in paired pods in each wing, takeoff gross weight increased tolb. A tail turret with machine cannon was added. Boeing continued work on their design, now the MX, reducing the weight fromtolb.

The Convair design was held to provide the most promising means of achieving supersonic capability with minimum size, thanks to the Convair engineering staff's insistence on producing a "high density" aircraft. In addition, Convair was 4 to 6 months ahead of Convair b 58a hustler in detail design. Convair thus received a full scale Phase I development contract under the Weapon System concept, using the MX design as a basis, with the further instruction that the aircraft would be known as the B At this time the Convair design staff was using the name "Hustler" within the family to designate the MX; to the regret of some, the name stuck, and even became official.

The Convair design staff was using the name "Hustler" within the family to designate the MX; to the regret of some, the Convair b 58a hustler stuck, and even became official. The rest was refinement and detail. In March,the after fuselage was fined down under the transonic "area rule" and the four engines were distributed in four separate, staggered pods. The leading edge of the wing was cambered and twisted to minimize loss of efficiency at the tips.

A small Convair b 58a hustler trailing edge angle was added to the wing, increasing the area to square feet, and the takeoff weight increased toIb.

In September,the four jet engines were again in twin pods hung on pylons under the wings, with added fuel for intercontinental flight in wing tip tanks.

The search radar, which had extended out ahead in the nose of the bomb pod, was mounted in the nose of the aircraft, enabling the pod to be shortened. In August,the airframe was redesigned for the Convair b 58a hustler time in the light of the supersonic "area rule. Wind tunnel tests confirmed that a significant increase in supersonic performance could be expected.

This design was unchanged up to the date of the first flight on November 11,though for some time further the pod carried small canard lifting surfaces forward, and triangular Convair b 58a hustler amidships. Among the many revolutionary advances embodied in the B Hustler was the use of new procedures and materials in constructing the aircraft. Special demands were made on the airframe structure, not only in terms of aerodynamic loads, but also by virtue of its high speed, which through skin friction at Mach 2 could heat the exterior surfaces above degrees F.

With the inboard jet engines venting their exhausts beneath the wing, there was also concern over sonic fatigue at high sound levels affecting the wing structure.

In tie-down tests Convair actually ran the inboard engines of a B for ten hours with afterburners in maximum re-heat and sound levels up to decibels to test the wing structure for sonic fatigue. Internally, the B is framed like a Navy destroyer, with transverse duralumin spars, corrugated for strength, spaced only 11 to 15 inches apart running from one wing margin through the fuselage to the opposite wing.

There are no Convair b 58a hustler ribs, only chordwise members or bulkheads to serve as attachments for elevons, engine nacelles and landing gear.

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For covering the wing, Convair evolved a new material--at Convair b 58a hustler stiff, strong, light, relatively easy to replace, and with good thermal-insulating qualities--the so-called bonded sandwich panel. The top and bottom of the sandwich are sheets of duralumin alloy about 1 mm. The core is bonded to the duralumin outer layers with phenolic adhesives and cured at a pressure of psi at degrees F. Absolute cleanliness is essential for solid bonding, and the department of the Convair plant where this was done was known as the "hospital section.

Because it Convair b 58a hustler absolutely impossible to bend or deform a cured sandwich panel, those with curved surfaces have to be set up in a jig before bonding. Fuselage structure panels are reinforced with beaded inner skins bonded to the outer skins. In a few areas exposed to high temperatures, such as the after portion of jet engine nacelles and the elevons which dip into the blast of the inboard jet units, panels of brazed stainless steel sandwich replace the duralumin and fiberglass ones.

In line with the high-density concept under which Convair engineers designed the B, the entire interior of the wing, and most of the interior of the fuselage, are filled with fuel.

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Actually the space enclosed by the wing and fuselage aft of the crew compartment is divided by bulkheads into four tanks. The largest is the after tank, filling the after portion of the wing and containing a maximum of 39, Ib.

The forward tank in the forward part of the wing contains a maximum of 20, Ib. In the tail of the aircraft at the level of the elevons is the balance tank, containing a maximum Convair b 58a hustler 8, Ib.

The pod or pods carried beneath the aircraft are also largely filled with fuel.

The single foot-long MB pod contains mostly fuel. The foot-long lower element of the two-part TC pod, designed to be dropped before run-in to Convair b 58a hustler target, is filled entirely with fuel, while the foot-long upper pod contains at least 2, Ib.

When fully serviced by air refueling, the Hustler can carry in its internal and pod tanks a maximum ofIb.

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Internally, the B is framed like a Navy destroyer, with transverse duralumin spars, corrugated for strength. The balance tank in the rear serves a particular purpose.

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