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Can you hook up a keyboard to your iphone

Porn archive Can you hook up a keyboard to your iphone.

Have you ever found yourself typing a large amount of text on your little iPhone or iPod Touch onscreen keyboard?

What you may not realise is that you can connect any external wireless keyboard to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth. You can use any wireless keyboard, however we will look at pairing my iPhone to an Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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To ensure your device recognises the wireless keyboard easily, make sure that the keyboard is not currently paired to any other devices. Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard if it is an Apple Wireless Keyboard, press the power button on the right hand side.

Tap on it to connect...

Tap the keyboard when it appears: Exit the settings and open any app on your iPhone to use the keyboard as normal. The simplest way to disconnect the keyboard from your iPhone is to just turn off Bluetooth again by going back to Settings, choose Bluetooth, and slide the setting to OFF.

Although you will have to go through the pairing steps listed above again when you want to use the external keyboard. This feature has been tested using iOS v6.

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