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There were 2 men kissing at cinema next to Elliot. Now, about the drug dealer guy, did he really had to make Elliot take off his clothes?

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Elliot complaint, saying that he already searched him when he entered but it was like he had no problem to remove them later. He didn't look disgusted and didn't move away when the dealer flirted him and approached him.

Esmail wants to pass a message or prepares us for Elliot's sexuality. I also think that there was that Elliot really has suppressed his sexuality, as he has done for his feelings. Even though he accepts it in others, perhaps he is not that good at accepting it himself.

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I bet that his mother contributed to that as well. So I think that he was attracted to Tyrell from rather early on, which turned to something more, perhaps at the Red Wheelbarrow scene.

Which is the drug dealer scene.

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He was presented as someone too intimidating perhaps, but he still told him more or less that he could make him feel better instead of the pills. And then the guys making out, whilst Elliot was looking for the kid. Although the fact that Esmail chose to show those scenes to us now, it could mean that perhaps Elliot is finally gonna at least start wondering about it.

And if they actually make it happen, I am just gonna love the show so much. I already do, but you know what I mean. I can not wait for Jesus to come out as gay on the tv show.

Do you remember how crazy people went when Aaron and Eric kissed? For no other reason than 2 men kissed on tv. I love seeing homophobic people pissed off.

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I feel like Jesus and Daryl would be great representation too. Both of them go against every stereotype in every way.

Neither of them are feminine, both are badasses, neither of them talk about their sexuality constantly, neither of them are just the funny gay best friend. They would be one badass couple and I ship them so hard.