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Rumors about his sexuality forever. He's just a populist, an advocate for the blue-collar working man. The guys who do dirty jobs. He is anti-elitism, and therefore anti-Hillary.

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I don't think he's a libertarian, but i also don't think he's a pure republican either. He's anti trade agreements, pro-single-payer, pro-labor.

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DL makes it way too easy to cast people in black and white terms. The way people prioritize their values i.

He therefore is anti-Hillary. Once again, not being fond of elitism. But Trump at least gave lip service to the working man.

Hillary went to Martha's Vineyard and Hollywood and called them deplorables I used to watch Dirty Jobs with my late mom.

And she loved him and the show. Because the struggles of his father and grandfather to provide for their families so moved him. I have to agree with my mom. He's a limp wristed effete who's trying to pass himself off as an every man. But much like John Ratzenberger he's a fake prick who's Mike rowe asshole of himself--and shit. From people who have filmed for his show, he apparently looks down on most of the blue collar workers he meets and sometimes refuses to interact with them at all.

He was doing a factory tour and would only talk to the workers on camera. Haven't ever seen interviews or gossip pieces or anything to suggest he looks down on the blue collar types he does shows about on Dirty Jobs.

In fact, given the interactions with those guys on the show, it seems to me there is Mike rowe asshole good feeling between them. Another poster mentioned he once went ape shit because he ordered some kind of sandwich and it was wrong and he refused to continue with anything until he got the right sandwich.

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Not saying it's all lies but he has a couple of blogs too one on FBand he does not come off as an asshole. If he WERE an asshole, wouldn't you think the Mike rowe asshole or some other scandalsheet would have reported on him?

I thought he was hot until I saw an episode of his show where he had his shirt off. The guy must have the bucks to hire a personal trainer or at least the will power to lay off the pies, cakes, and sloppy joes. He's a right wing asshole, there's a video of him getting pissed after he gets tricked into reading a fan letter from a gay Mike rowe asshole. . Fridays With...

Half the time when I watch progressive political vids on YouTube, there is this Rowe asshole shilling for fucking Prager 'University', a libertarian scam school, on the pre-roll ad. Note to Dennis Prager: R25, you expect a discussion of their unions on Dirty Jobs? Have you ever actuallywatched that show?

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Has Rowe ever been linked to a woman? Was he ever married? Is there ever ANY mention of a girlfriend?

Arrogant, pompous and quite probably a closet case. I've seen him noticeably flirt with obviously gay men he encountered. A total hypocrite, too, because as much as he likes to front as the mouthpiece of the working man, he himself is effete beyond belief.

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These tabloid rags are all owned by a friend of DJT. They're not about to do a hit job on a fellow Republican.

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Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. He IS sexy as hell. Also sang professionally with the Baltimore Opera. Cleanliness is next to Rowe-ness He's a closeted right wing POS. He's a hardcore Rethuglican. I think he's homophobic, too.

There's something sincerely inauthentic Mike rowe asshole him - don't like him one bit. I'd Mike rowe asshole him over those posing Instagram whores any day.

Does he still have a show? He was Mike rowe asshole about 12 years ago. BIG trump supporter, hates the gays. He should run for president. He's a hardcore libertarian. R14 I remember someone posting about that here. He was OK looking in his day, but he aged too quickly and is past it now.

If not, he's gay. I worked with him. Still threads on him in ? Thanks for the info R Is there a way to know who has or hasn't run stories on him. Was he ever famous enough to garner tabloid attention.

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So if the tabloids didn't cover it; then its not true? Your logic is pretty fucked up. Rowe pulled himself up by doing shitty jobs. His dedication to giving back to the community is extraordinary.

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