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How to change your profile picture on gmail mobile

Pics Gallery How to change your profile picture on gmail mobile.

In the world of smartphones, Android is the ruler.

How to Change Your Gmail...

There are over a billion Android powered devices in this planet. The phone works on the Google or Gmail identity of the user.

Many of us would have created our Gmail profile, putting a very pretty picture of ourselves in the profile. The profile picture is in fact a better way to help you distinguish between different accounts. Now, if you intend to change the Gmail profile picturehow do you go about doing that?

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If you are using an earlier version of the Android operating system earlier than Android 5. This should change the profile picture in Gmail. However, the steps are a bit different in later versions of Android operating system.

Sounds like a difficult proposition, does it? How to change profile picture on Gmail? The Gmail profile picture appears as a small icon against your Gmail account in the Gmail Android App.

To see the current Gmail profile picture, try the following: Take a good look at the profile picture and see if it needs to be changed because when you Add, Change or Remove profile picture on Gmail for Android phones and devices, it will affect all your Google accounts in every devices and platforms. If you have made up your mind that your Gmail profile picture has to be changed, then read through.

This step is believed to have resolved issues wherein the profile picture in Gmail does not get changed even after repeated attempts.

You can choose a photo...

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Written by Learning Hub Editorial Team. Change Gmail Profile pic on Android If you are using an earlier version of the Android operating system earlier than Android 5.

Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Gmail inbox. You may also like. Top Gmail tricks you can use to save hours.

Change your picture. On your...

Gmail Advacned search operators you should know. As we all know, to use an android phone, one has to log in to his/her Gmail account.

so learn how to change your gmail profile picture in your android. If In the tablet/mobile version of gmail, it does not allow changes of profile-picture. You can accomplish this with an internet-browser-app in.

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You might notice, after changing your Gmail profile picture, that your 8 easy ways for you to transfer photos from an Android phone to a PC.

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