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Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene

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Until now, it has been a quiet, scenic spot tucked away in a country park where young couples are taken by photographic studios to pose for romantic shots before their weddings.

But sleepy Fuk Hing Bridge in Sai Kung Country Park may soon find itself attracting fighters as well as lovers after it was identified as the scene of some of martial arts film star Bruce Lee's most controversial action. Nearly 40 years after the scenes were shot, Bruce Lee enthusiast Philip Kenny has discovered that the sleepy riverbank at Fuk Hing Bridge in Pak Tam Chung is where the kung fu legend was allegedly 'tricked' into shooting scenes used for the movie Unicorn Fist.

Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene

"The Chinese Connection" is a...

Lee - at the peak of his fame following the release of Way of the Dragon - agreed to work as a choreographer for the film's fight scenes in as a way of returning a favour to his childhood friend and fellow actor Unicorn Chan. But a camera was left secretly running during rehearsals and the scenes showing a topless Lee high-kicking on the river bank were used in the movie, which Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene cheekily billed as starring Bruce Lee - even though he only appeared for a few seconds.

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A seriously miffed Lee was in the process of legal action over Unicorn Fist - which used a Lee lookalike for much of the film - when he died in Inevitably, some conspiracy theorists have linked his mysterious death to the dispute over the footage. House Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene Kenny, 39 - who previously tracked down the location of fight scenes at the beginning of Lee's last movie, Enter the Dragon - said: In the s, martial arts movies were shot at a huge variety of locations across Hong Kong and few actors or production crew members today can remember where some scenes were shot, creating a challenge for Bruce Lee fans paying pilgrimages to the locations of his finest moments.

Three years ago, Kenny had to hack through undergrowth to find the location of the Enter the Dragon fight scene between Sammo Hung and Bruce Lee in Sheung Shui and says the site is virtually inaccessible.