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How to survive valentines day single

XXX Photo How to survive valentines day single.
Endorphins work wonders, and before...

The other day, my hairdresser mentioned to me that he's not looking forward to February. The reason was that as Valentine's Day approaches, many of his single female customers are, in his words, "totally freaking out" about not having a date for the night. My hairdresser works in a nice salon. Most of his clients are attractive, successful women. A lot of the single ones, it seems, are having a hard time coping with being unattached on How to survive valentines day single one day of the year devoted to love.

It reminds me a bit of New Year's Eve, in which many of us put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to have the most exciting celebrations with the largest group of friends. In both cases, I think that we're trying too hard to prove something to ourselves or to the other people in our lives, and that can never end well. A recent study How to survive valentines day single Sebastian Deri, a Cornell University psychology PhD candidate, demonstrated that although we usually consider ourselves superior in most categories, when it comes to our relationships, we assume that we're less successful than the other people in our lives.