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Double suck position

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I endearingly refer to this field of knowledge as wisdom, collected over time Double suck position personal experience, accounts from male friends gay, straight and bi alike and hours spent reading how-to guides hidden behind the covers of textbooks. Behold, a simple-to-use cheat sheet for cocksuckers everywhere.

The best blow jobs happen in harmony with jerking off a dick.

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There are so many pros to this approach. First, it alleviates any obligation the sucker can feel to swallow the whole thing down.

Watch Slow licking double blowjob...

It also allows for multiple amazing sensations on his shaft rather than just the one. Give some long, lapping licks to the whole thing up and Double suck position to get it real wet and slick, then start jerking it off with just some tongue flicks and little suckles to the head.

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Eventually, while on your way up, grab the shaft with one hand and incorporate by stroking down with your mouth and twisting your hand back up with your lips. Keep Double suck position motion going for a few minutes, adding your other hand for a double punch, and twist them in opposite directions.

The wetter, the better. To me, a sign of a good blow job is some spittle puddles on the sheets or accidental dribbles on his groin.

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Do whatever you got to do to make it happen. Have a glass of water on the nightstand or use flavored lube like strawberry or mint to help you out.

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Another neat trick is to open your mouth real wide and press the dickhead against the Double suck position of your throat. Even without taking it down your throat, it will trigger your salivary glands to produce more of that globby, slick kind of spit.

Then you can stroke it in. A wet, warm covering is nice, but most penis-havers need suction to cum because it mimics the tightness of a sex hole.

Here's how to give a...

But even with all of the elements needing to be incorporated for an awesome blow job, you also must remember not to let your tongue just lie there passively like a soggy piece of bread. Swirl it, flick it, Double suck position it from side to side.

If you get none of the technical skills down, the most important thing is to actually give a fuck.

Make playful eye contact. Tell the person how much you love their cock filling up your mouth.

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Double cock-sucking sessions with beautiful girls. Here's how to give a blow job that gets you off, too.

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If you're a humper, prop a pillow between your legs, slip a lubed hand down between your legs and slide back and forth over it as you suck on him. 4 The Double-Down. Use these hot oral sex and blowjob positions as foreplay Double suck position as the main event.