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How can i win her heart

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Is your conscious mind and subconscious mind aligned? Good intentions are futile without action.

If you are ready, and...

Why most of your relationships are short-lived? Are they all projects that needed your fixing?

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That requires letting your guard down, being open to giving love and receiving love, and being comfortable revealing yourself — your flaws and wounds and scars included. Imagine if you approached your work like this? Do you really believe that putting in mediocre effort is going to result in excellence?

You can't flirt if you're...

How do you court a woman? If you are ready, and I mean truly ready meaning your intentions meet your actions and patterns of behavior — then this is how you win her heart.

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First you need to make space for her. If your head is caught up in the drama of ex-girlfriends or flings, you are not making space for the woman of your dreams to come into your life. Then, go out there and find her.

Just go with that. Make a plan to get to know her. Be patient with her and build trust.

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While all the other dudes are busy left-swiping and too scared to really show up, go ahead and be bold. Find out her likes, her dislikes, do your market research and tailor your approach so that you can stand out from the crowd. Talk to her and get to know her many layers.

Be intentional with your courtship. Take a risk and go after her. Think about one thing you can do every day to make her smile — then do it. Make her feel supported and safe. Then love her some more.

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And when you finally win her heart, remind yourself that her heart is precious and needs to be tended to with care and adoration on a daily basis. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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The key to what to...

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Let's be honest here. Women tend to be more emotional than men.

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