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How to retaliate against noisy neighbors

Sexy Video How to retaliate against noisy neighbors.

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Creative ideas for dealing with noisy neighbors? So here's the rundown: The family next door lives in a sub sqft 2 bed apartment with 3 toddlers ranging from years old estimate. These people just moved from upstairs two weeks ago due to complaints by other residents. Now, my gf and I have to deal with the noise. After only a week of living on this level, my gf was the third person to complain about the noise. I am convinced that these children are How to retaliate against noisy neighbors of satan whom he could not handle himself, so they were given up for adoption.

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From roughly AM-9PM every single flippin' day, you will hear non-stop screaming, crying, stomping, yelling Our property manager is aware of the situation, and said that this is a "temporary" move for these people They seem to not care at all about disturbing everyone else. So, my fellow e90posters, do any of you have any creative ways to handle the situation?

So far, the only suggestion I got was from my dad, who said to invest in a fog horn and blare it directly at the wall everytime they get loud.

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We recently moved to Chicago from LA and since the move was so sudden we didn't have a chance to feasibly look for home when we got here. Long story short we signed a short term lease at an "upscale" apartment complex downtown to wait it out until spring to start house hunting.

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I thought that since I was paying a premium to live in a nice place I would somehow be magically transported to a place where there weren't noisy inconsiderate neighbors.

We had a guy that would listen to techno-music not even anything cool, just the same track over and over and over and over again.

I complained to the management about it My wife talked to him one day when I was out of town on business, etc. One night he was bumping away at about 2: Next thing I know I couldn't get back to sleep I sat up How to retaliate against noisy neighbors my knees on the bed and hit the wall repeatedly with both of my arms fist and forearm at the same time for at least 60 seconds straight music stopped after about sec.

Hit hard enough that I heard shit fall off the wall in his living room it shares the wall with our bedroom and to leave a crack from the ceiling to the bed in our apartment. I haven't heard so much as a peep in 4 months. Now, if I only knew what to do about the huge crack in the drywall, I'd be set LOL I'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but I can't fucking stand selfishness.

There is nothing that will take me from zero-to-kicking your ass faster than acting like a 10 year old when you're I had How to retaliate against noisy neighbors same problem with a Bed and Breakfast that did weddings on the weekends.

They hired off duty cops so there was no way calling the cops would work. Last edited by Cosmop; at I expected quiet living within reason i. I think the only place I could slip some firecrackers would be onto their balcony, which I can reach if I stand on my balcony, haha.

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I live in a student complex and the neighbors are the worst. I have some wannabe redneck who lives across the hall and thinks its cool to leave his front door open while blaring music. He also invites about 20 people over times a week. They scream at the top of their lungs in the hallway and walk up and down the stairs as if they have lead weights attached to their feet.

Haven't figured out how to deal with him yet. But there is a couple underneath me who always How to retaliate against noisy neighbors yelling at their damn dog.

I constantly hear "no, no, no! A few weeks ago they had a party with a bunch of annoying ass screaming girls singing the same god damn Miley Cyrus song 10 billion times.

So I fired up the PS3, turned my w surround sound up full volume, and put the sub face down on the floor right above their living room. I muted the TV so it didn't make sound till I was ready. I joined How to retaliate against noisy neighbors free for all game of COD: I then unmuted the TV and went at it. After about 5 full minutes of WW2 machine gun vibrations and noise at full blast they turned off their music and shut the hell up.

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