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Cracked okcupid

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We also have a Cracked okcupid, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Is anyone really shocked by these results?

Her pictures looked good, and a lot of guys don't actually read the profiles. And while there was some craziness there, if the guys were only looking for was a one night stand, it wouldn't have mattered much with the exception of the teeth thing, which could have been interpreted as a joke. I mean, it's still pretty sad that so many guys are that desperate for sex, but I can't imagine she got any messages from anyone looking for a real relationship.

Most of the guys who Cracked okcupid her didn't even have profile pictures. I actually think it would have worked better if this fake profile was more genuinely crazy, instead of being so over-the-top. Her profile just hit you over Cracked okcupid head constantly with all of its red flags to the Cracked okcupid where you either obviously weren't planning on reading it anyway or you're sure it's a joke. It wasn't even all that crazy as much as satirical.

Parts of it read like pure satire, as though the whole thing was just a joke. Yeah, and have the chick more "average looking".

Of course she's gonna get a ton of emails looking like that, most guys will skim the profile and reply based on the pics they see anyway. I'm honestly not sure I Cracked okcupid pull off "crazy" well enough for it to feel convincing. It's like writing a character that you can't relate to Cracked okcupid a single level. It just won't be genuine. I would be curious, though, about "evil twin" profiles where you loudly profess your own personal 'red flags' we all have a few!

I've been using one of...

Most profiles are supposed to be "me at my best". I would love to Cracked okcupid a parade of "me at my worst". I actually thought she came across as one of those crazy hyperactive chicks who just act weird and douchey to be "ironic" because Cracked okcupid is their sense of humor.

If she really wanted to scare guys off, she should have come across as way more clingy, trying to talk about her depression and poor relationship with her mother, being SUPER paranoid about meeting up, etc.

Guys definitely don't read profiles. The second line on my profile is what I do for my work. First question I get asked?

When I used okc I intentionally didn't read profiles I'm Cracked okcupid slightly over-judgy. If you just want any sort of interaction or date, then keep doing what you're doing. OTOH, profiles are there for a Cracked okcupid Because people are deeper Cracked okcupid profiles and it's very easy to misrepresent yourself. Of all the girls I've dated, I doubt I'd talk to any of them if I met them via an online profile.

Perhaps, but the percentage of those folks is likely very low. I'm not the type to waste a bunch of time sifting through matches and attempting to talk to everyone, especially when there are some very obvious keys I can pick out from almost any profile.

I think it's annoying though, when it's like one of the first few things I've said! Now, my profile isn't super detailed or long.

If it was, and in the Cracked okcupid there was some random thing like "oh btw I like cheese" and then you asked if I liked cheese, I wouldn't get mad. But if the very first line said "I Cracked okcupid cheese! I think you're missing the point. People can totally ask me questions about my job. It's the fact that they ask what my job is, that is annoying.

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If I say I like cheese, you can message me about different Cracked okcupid of cheese you like, have tried, etc. Rather than, "hi do you like cheese". See what I am saying? Ooh yes, I've more or less given up on okc, too.

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So I understand your frustration. It's the site Cracked okcupid can never win at. Not to mention that some of these responses may have known it's a prank and just "played along with it".

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That's what I was saying to myself all along. Those guys don't want to date her I don't see how the author didn't realize that some men are just looking for that. Not every guy reads profiles - at least not until their first message gets a response. If you're just sending the same copy-pasted message to every woman in 25 miles, there's no reason to.

It's not the strategy I would use, Cracked okcupid I guess it works for some guys, if their standards are low enough. I have messaged really amazing obviously troll profiles before in the hopes of getting a date with someone who created an Cracked okcupid troll profile. Seriously if I came across this profile I'd be laughing my ass off assuming it was a troll or simply a girl with a phenomenal sense of humor.

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And I'd message her Cracked okcupid him? I don't think this profile "proves" much. Though this "experiment" has definitely been conducted before. Glad someone else is thinking this. All her "conclusions" rest on the assumption that people thought this profile was an actual, non-joke profile. Also, I think I would instantly fall in love if a girl responded to one of my messages with "whats ur fav beanie baby".

Yeah, the "random messages" part would actually be great if someone responded Cracked okcupid that in earnest. I thought the best part was the guy that said "I hope you don't do that trick on me LOL" and then promptly asked for her phone number to meet up.

Are you the author?!

If you're on OkCupid, you...

I need to know if the woman who was kind Cracked okcupid to let you use her pictures has a sister. It's for a friend. Then she actually responded. Warts and all, she's better than most okcupid ads. I don't know if the author didnt know how to write a bad ad, or was just playing with our heads. I'm Cracked okcupid, male, an aaron carter fan, and naturally I've gotten no worthwhile responses in some 6 years on the site.

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We could persuade the Cracked okcupid tabloids to do Cracked's level of research, the UK would be a much better place to live. Sometimes he is sadly right, but I do feel for all the very attractive ladies who don't get decent messages because people assume Cracked okcupid are fake. I'm sure there's some way for them to verify identity once you explain the situation to them, no? At least that's how it was when I last moderated. It has been a while so it's possible things have changed.

I've done this experiment before, and I thought asking was common practice. So long as the account is eventually deleted, I wouldn't say it causes much harm.

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I remember the MySpace days, when obviously spam or porn profiles would get pages and pages of comments from guys saying things like Damn, girl! I always wanted to Cracked okcupid them and explain to them why it was a fake profile.

I never did, though.

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You clearly underestimate the stupids. How many times has an Onion article been posted on a FB feed as if it were real?

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I'm Cracked okcupid guys thought this was a joke profile when they messaged and continued to message. I really don't want to think their are people so desperate that they would let someone pull their teeth on the off chance of getting laid.

Yes, I genuinely feel they really are that desperate. Its called thinking with your little head. The Cracked okcupid behind it seems obviously witty and sarcastic.

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Possibly a bit mean-spirited, but more likely just a wicked sense of humor. The sample messages that she Cracked okcupid do give a bit of insight into what was really going on, but you have to ignore her completely wrong commentary and conclusions to get to it.

Most of the initial messages she received were copypasta, implying that those guys hadn't even read the profile but were just messaging based on the pictures. Which many people may not feel is ideal, but is actually a very rational way to approach the site, especially considering how emotionally draining alternate approaches become. Cracked okcupid the author to judge guys on the fact that they send boilerplate messages to girls based on either nothing at all or only pictures is a somewhat misanthropic and ignorant thing to do.

She then judges guys on Cracked okcupid fact that they respondrather than the content of those responses, ignoring a number of basic facts about how the site works.

You can tell from most of the dialogues that the guys are blatantly ignoring or minimizing her outlandish responses, instead staying on task with what matters: Overall, author's judgments completely miss the point of okcupid Cracked okcupid It's about meeting people. Every guy who messaged and engaged with this profile is focused only on quickly changing venues to real life.

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Author judged that as us being creepy and desperate, but she gets it completely wrong. Download cracked OkCupid Dating IPA file from the largest cracked App Store, Cracked okcupid can also download on your mobile device with AppCake for iOS.

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