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I am hookup a married man yahoo

18+ Galleries I am hookup a married man yahoo.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Ok, back a few years ago when I used to be promiscuous, I used to hook up with quite a few 'straight' guys. And, no, I don't mean the gay ones who try to act butch and claim to be straight.

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These are guys that I actually knew from around the way. One was an old college buddy who had a long term GF. One was a GI. One was married and had pre-teen kids. One was a dude I used to work with.

One was another muscle dude from the gym.

One was a rich lawyer who was engaged to be married, and that was one hot boy!!!! And when I was in I am hookup a married man yahoo it was worse. I used to be close friends with a really hot girl on campus.

She had a hot boyfriend on the football team. She cheated on the BF with me, and he cheated on her with me. And neither of them ever became any the wiser. They are married with kids now. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get the really hot girls when you're tall and really good looking and you're a muscle jock. You don't even have to try. They come chasing after you, and the guys on all the varsity teams used to take full advantage of that not that any of those girls minded.

But what was even funnier is how often you catch some of those so-called straight guys checking you out Oh yeah, they look tooand I had a little fun with a few of them also.


The thing about straight men is that they know exactly what they want, but they would rather die I am hookup a married man yahoo come out and admit it to anyone. It was easier for me to hook up with them because they assumed that I was one of them one of the advantages of being a very straight looking bisexual. They always act all macho and stuff, and they're usually so nervous and clumsy about the whole thing that they can't even drop a little innuendo.

But somehow I could always tell, and most of the communication when you're hooking up with a straight guy is nonverbal. I was always the initiator, and every last one of those macho straight boys was a bottom; and they were as passive as lambs once I got started with them. Of course, there were drawbacks. The most noteworthy one is the fact that they don't have a clue about gay sex, and because of that most of them weren't as hygienically prepared for it as a real gay or bisexual man would be.

But I had a strategy for dealing with that issue. And after its over, there would always be that weird silence, they never maintain eye contact, they get dressed fast and head for the door real quick Not that I minded because I didn't want the drama or complications of that either. A few wanted I am hookup a married man yahoo hook up again, but I rarely ever did that.

I didn't need to. I learned pretty young that extreme beauty on a man is a very dangerous gift, and I abused it to the max because I knew that I could. And the big dance clubs with the hottest pretty boys I honestly lost count of how many of them I hooked up with. It was sooooo easy. Its several years later, and although my appearance hasn't changed much at all I don't do the club scene or hookup anymore.

Not because I couldn't but because my priorities changed a lot as I got a little older. Unlike most men in their 30s I don't have wrinkles on my face, or a beer gut or a balding head.

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And most people would never guess my age because I still look early 20s and the pretty boy face and the muscle body. The seriously ironic thing about this though it is that now that I want to get into a long-term relationship and I'm not having much luck. Because most of the people I meet are doing the same thing that I used to do. Its kinda not so nice when you're on the receiving end of being used that way. Hey, one of the biggest mistakes of my life was trying to build a LTR with one!

But it wasn't a mistake I completely regret, because I certainly did learn a lot from it. But earlier on, there were quite a few guys I hooked up with whom I could've sworn were I am hookup a married man yahoo, or was absolutely sure that they were, one - the best lover I've probably ever had, was separated from his wife; another actually turned out to be a co-worker of my dad's!

So-called straight married guys were a thousand times better lovers than most gay men. They were less picky, more adventurous, and certainly more than grateful when you helped them to a mind-blowing orgasm something I assume they weren't getting at home.

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They were also more likely to kiss and were damn good at it! Back in the days when bathhouses still existed, that's where I used to "encounter" most of them.

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I went to the houses of a few, but not very often. I even had one come over to a motel room where I was staying once Sadly, as years went by, I learned the hard way that there's no real hope for a relationship with a straight guy, married, divorced or 'in-between girls'. I was lucky enough to find a gay partner and a LTR I've been in for over a decade.

All of the guys I have encountered claim to be be straight. It's not that I am looking for straight people. It's just that, they say that they are much more comfortable being with me as I am not feminine.

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So it would be like two guys making out and thus, preserving his manliness. A friend and I might have experimented a bit when we were young Basically that makes him bi-curious, because he just does it for the kicks, but he does classify himself as straight. It wasn't a good experience though.

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Once it went past "just experimenting" it didn't feel right with a good friend who wasn't interested in any other way than simply sex. It left me feeling horrible about myself afterwards, because I wanted to do that sort of thing with someone I loved, not a friend. With my best friend in high school Man was he a stud, big football player, had women falling off off him.

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We had been frineds for several years, we partied together, double dated etc. He had no clue that I drooled over him. Then one night while he was asleep, we shared the same bed when I spent the night with him, I got up the nerve to play around, he woke up, was none too happy.

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It was rocky for a while, but through bribery and other favors, he would let me have at it every once in a while. Our friendship lasted, but was never the same. He died quite young, I guess if I could go back I would never have hurt that trust, and I would have been happy just thinking about it.

Ive had a straight guy kiss me Answer Questions Can a failed relationshipmentally destroy a person so bad, that they become incapable of loving again?

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