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Does niacin clean your system of weed

Pics Gallery Does niacin clean your system of weed.

Should you take niacin to help beat a drug test? There is no evidence that it works and it has even landed some people in the hospital.

Niacin should be out of...

Although there is a lot of bad advice on passing drug tests, most of it is harmless. Well harmless is a relative term, you may lose a job or end up in prison if you fail. However, the advice on using niacin to help you pass a drug test has been downright dangerous. There is nearly a decade of reports of people who used niacin in an attempt to pass a drug test and end up in the emergency room:.


While niacin is not typically dangerous at recommended dosages, some people have overdosed in a desperate attempt to pass an upcoming drug test. The real kicker is that there is not even any evidence that it works!

Here are the test strips I recommend. Your body is capable of producing niacin and it is also found naturally in many different foods.