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Gemini man in love with gemini woman

Pics Gallery Gemini man in love with gemini woman.

One mercurial twin is a handful; two together in a relationship are definitely something!

Is their shared youthfulness enough to create true Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility, or does it take something more than just this? When a Gemini man and a Gemini woman get together, there is an instant attraction on an intellectual level.

For Geminis of either sex, intellectual companionship is at the top of their love priority listand these two sense that the other will match them in their desire to debate, to talk and to analyse.

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If a couple meet at a bar and spend the entire night talking, the odds are that they could be a double Gemini couple — for the Gemini man and Gemini woman, compatibility is first and foremost about this meeting of minds, long before it gets to a meeting of bodies. Both the Gemini man and the Gemini woman take a playful, experimental approach to sex, so this is an interesting partnership from a sexual compatibility point of view.

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However, this couple are good friends first and foremost, and their sex life is likely to be low on the priority list for both — and is therefore the first thing to suffer when life gets difficult.

This couple will surround themselves with joint friends, and will always be out and about together.

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That makes for a lot of fun, but not a great deal of intimate time. You also have to remember that Gemini is a sign which bores very quickly.

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