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Penetrate garage ceiling

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Home inspectors check for proper fire protection between garages that abut the living area of the home.

Unlike separations that exist between dwelling units, Penetrate garage ceiling separation between the residence and garage is not a fire resistance-rated assembly.

Numerous potential hazards exist within garages because occupants of dwelling units tend to store a variety of hazardous materials there.

Along with this and the potential for CO buildup within the garage, code requires that the garage be separated from the dwelling unit and attic.

Checking for proper fire protection...

Home inspectors should be checking for proper fire protection between garages that abut the living area of the home. Home inspectors are not required to cut a hole in the gypsum board to measure the thickness, so it is a visual inspection.

Pull-down ladders also are common trouble spots because many do not provide a fire- or gas-resistant barrier. Another area of concern can be related to the installation of a furnace vent into the garage, which often is done to provide heat near a workbench, but that allows gases to flow directly back into the house.

West writes about home inspection topics in an informative and entertaining blog on his company website, inspectprescott. He wrote about one of the more common problems he sees related to garages in a January post: And then you install a German shepherd-sized pet door through the door or wall directly into the home.

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Home inspectors are not doing a code inspection, but a well-educated home inspector will know what the current building practices are and what to look for. The requirements below are from the International Residential Code. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Fires that begin in attached...

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What you can do to...

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