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First text after getting her number

Sexy por pics First text after getting her number.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of What is your best "first" text you send a girl after getting her number? When you get a girls number, what do you generally text her?

Pls post some cool ideas. Always end up going blank and just sending some regular boring stuff. U want uggs and iPad baby? Please save my number. That's why it feels so fkn good. Originally Posted by MesoPeaks. If she liked you which she probably did, she gave you your number she will reciprocate and then the convo will take off from there.

That way they kno it's me, so we skip dat ''who u dawg? Originally Posted by Dirtymanjames.

Would this be considered creepy to most? When it comes to meeting women, getting her number is only the start. then you need to understand the secrets to turning that initial contact into a powerful o How to start a conversation with any woman, whether via text, Snapchat or DMs . Okay, so, you've got a girl's number and you're getting ready to text her for the first time. What should you text? Here are 4 examples: Right after getting her..

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Send Her "THIS TEXT" After You Get Her Number

First text after getting her number

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