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Bob ross painting classes hobby lobby

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Steve Hoffman Music Forums. He was such an amazing talent! I can't even paint a halfway decent stick figure!

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PaulKTFOct 26, MikaelaArsenaultOldSouldriverdrummer and 1 other person like this. My wife and I just watched Season 1, Episode 1 yesterday afternoon. We both remember our dads watching it weekly, and us getting swept up into it as kids.

Ross has such a calm, peaceful voice and manner, and it was great to reminisce by viewing it on YouTube. MikaelaArsenaultdriverdrummerLouise Boat and 1 other person like this.

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God, I used to love Bob Ross when I was younger I swear some friends of mine would always come over after school and we'd watch all his happy trees and little squirrels. We would always be amazed that a few streaks on his canvas would turn out the way they did. Gotta love that 'fro too!

MikaelaArsenault and GuildX like this. I love watching his show! MikaelaArsenault and driverdrummer like this.

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I was always amazed at how he could take a canvas and paints and turn them into such beautiful images within a matter of hours like he did. I mean, you could lock me in a room with a canvas and some paints for years and I could never do anything remotely that beautiful or realistic. There are Bob Ross painting classes offered Bob ross painting classes hobby lobby various stores I have taken several of them. Anyway the instructor I had told me that Bob actually painted all of those paintings real time for each show.

There was no editing or multiple takes of those shows. It was one take straight through. Always loved his TV show back in the day. GuildXOct 26, My wife has watched a bunch of his stuff on youtube because she just started painting a few months ago. I may watch these as well because I'm taking my first painting class ever in a couple of weeks.


And I can't even draw a stick figure! SizzleVonSizzletonOct 30, BradOlsonOct 30, You can find your local channel number here: PaulKTFJan 18, Joy of Painting, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, and Naturescene are the most relaxing tv shows of all time!

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