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Dance is one art which everyone appreciates. There are numerous dance forms which one can learn. The dance forms differ from one country to another, one state to another and even from one religion to another.

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Dance is the best way to heal your sadness and sometimes even becomes the best friend of a person. Dance forms are even distinguished based on the clothes, shoes and music.

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Check out the list given below which will help you to know top 20 different types of dances forms prevalent in India as well as the world. This dance styles name list will help you choose your favourite.

Ballet is referred to as the backbone of different types dance forms.

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It is an interesting form of dance. The person performing ballet looks very elegant at all postures. The techniques to do ballet where developed many years ago. To become a perfect ballet dancer you must be highly disciplined and trained and must have qualities of dedication and hard work.

Proper dedication is required to glide effortlessly across the stage. One thing that all ballet dancers have in common is the love for beauty, grace and disciple. This type of dance style can be learnt by both man and woman.

Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form having its origin in India. This dance form was first seen in All types of pics temples of Tamil Nadu, one of the states of India. It is a dance form practiced by both males and females. It is known among all for its tenderness of graceful expressions and posses and beauty of the dance steps. Dancers wear anklets while performing which consists of numerous copper bells attached.

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