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This place really was something. The first thing we are greeted with when coming down the road is the massive voids in the road surface that made some very worrying sounds to the car when driving over them, and nearly gave us whiplash. Then there's quite a few prostitutes that are looking for business at the roadside, with lawn chairs to sit on! The entire area is absolutely ridden with garbage, dog poo, grafitti and buildings that are falling to pieces.

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When I say garbage I don't mean crisp wrappers and drink cans. I mean whole refrigerators, smashed TVs and full bags of household waste; basically what you would expect to find in the city dump.

Also the garbage on the street starts to ferment when it's warmed up by the sun, and the odor drifts right up in through the window into your room.

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The view from our window that I have submitted is actually quite nice in comparison to the rest of the neighbourhood. The hotel itself didn't really have any major flaws.

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It was in good condition both inside and out, and was clean. We did see a mean looking fat guy walking around with his belly out around by the We did see a mean looking fat guy walking around with his belly out around by the car late one night, and he had some sort of a makeshift baton in his hand, which was a bit unsettling.

The staff weren't the friendliest people I've ever dealt with, but then I don't think I would be if I had to work in that area.

The menu didn't look very appealing to us, nor did Naples in general, so we drove to the Campania mall out of town, about 15 miles north from the hotel, which was very clean and had a range of eateries. We were up and out early both mornings, so unfortunatley had to miss out on the breakfast experience. Great for a 1 night stay!

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My son and I plumped for Naples for our annual road trip and selected this hotel because of it's proximity to the airport and parking for our hire car. The hotel itself is very clean, comfortable and well appointed.

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Rooms are cleaned daily and we found all the staff friendly and our poor italian and their varying degrees of fluency in English was not a problem. As with everywhere a smile and a stab at the local lingo works wonders!

Naples is renowned for it's rubbish strewn streets, it's grubby and in your face; part of it's 'charm' some may say.

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The area around the hotel ,Poggioreale, is no exception and could be intimidating for some. It is rundown and dirty, there are street girls, but we didn't feel unsafe. It's basically a working class district and like all such places anywhere, as grim as it may look there aren't muggers and rapists on every corner.

The lad and I wandered around quite happily Breakfast was basic continental and agreed, the coffee from the machine is awful for a city that prides Where to find prostitutes in hyderabad on the quality of it's 'caffe' But they have an espresso machine at the hotel bar and you can get your 'hit' on request! The local train station is a five minute walk away and that gets you into the central station in Naples.

There is also a bus which has the advantage of running later than the train does and helps avoid the cabs which are readily available, but whose fares are shall we say, imaginative! All in all, take the area Where to find prostitutes in hyderabad what it is, the hotel is good and just at the end of the street on the main road is a small pizza place and you'd hard pressed to find a better pizza anywhere.

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A family restuarant is close by and even a small supermarket near to the station. So, hotel's very good, the area less so, but hey, you're in Naples, not Disneyland! Give it a go!

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This was a very pleasant hotel,clean and tidy and modern. Nice air conditioned room with a safe with nice balcony ,shame about the view.

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One of the receptionists had a very poor command of English language agreed We were very shocked with the areavery dirty, and felt unsafe. We actually walked, minus handbags into Naples central however were badgered by beggars and ogled by locals and regretted the walk, consequently cab back! We would have preferred to have had dinner in the hotel as opposed to take away pizza ordered by them.

Where to find prostitutes in hyderabad was a disappointment after an eye opening day in Naples. Only staying one day as we were driving on to the Amalfi Coast the next day.

Overall I would say the hotel itself was of a superior standard than your average budget hotel, just a let down with the area. As a previous reviewer has stated, the hotel is not in the nicest area- lots of rubbish lined Where to find prostitutes in hyderabad streets, lots of railway and motorway bridges and we were not sure how safe it was.

However, the hotel itself is very different so it is the perfect place to stay if, like us, you are using it as a stop over for onward destinations. It is close to the airport and the room was huge with all the mod cons and safe underground parking. There is a charge of 15 euros for this but rather that than leave it on the street. The breakfast was a simple continental self service and was included in the price. All in all, we had a restful nights sleep in the hotel joyfull.

Stayed at this hotel for 1 night as we had a very early flight the next morning. The hotel is ok but the area is not. We were quite taken aback as we were driving to the hotel, not sure whether the area is safe or not. After returning the car and exploring Naples we decided to take a cab back rather than the tube.

Room was spacious and it had a safe. Bathroom was clean enough with the exception of the shower drain which was blocked.

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